Painting Contractor in Wichita, KS!

Not Just a Painting Contractor: We Also Specialize in Siding Installations!

Installing siding for your home is a task that should be left to professionals like New Star Home Improvement. We are known as a trusted painting contractor in Wichita, KS, but we also offer professional siding installation services to our customers. We have the experience and expertise needed to ensure the siding is installed properly. It’s also a lengthy process, which is why we always recommend siding installation services to our clients who want their siding installed.

Painting ContractorPreparing the area.

Before we start with the actual installation of the siding, we will prepare the area first. This way, there won’t be any delays since we will be spending most of our time climbing ladders. We will cover all of the nearby trim, doors, knobs, switches, fixtures, and plumbing fixtures so that nothing will get damaged during the process.

Installing the siding boards.

Once the preparation work is done, we will then proceed with installing the siding panels. We will install them carefully, making sure they are secured tightly to the wall so they won’t break off easily. We will also install each siding panel individually, ensuring they are attached properly to prevent gaps. We will fix any issues as they come up, and we will do a final inspection before we let you use the new siding.

Applying a second layer of siding.

If you want a second layer of siding, we can do that as well. This time, we will start by adding a liquid form of cement to the back of the siding. We will apply a second layer of siding and wait for the cement to dry. Once it is dry, we will then apply a coating of cement to the back of the siding. This way, the siding will not only be secured to the wall but will also be secured to the foundation.

New Star Home Improvement is the siding company you need for proper siding installation services. Do you want siding for your house in Wichita, KS? You’ve come to the right place. Give us a call at (316) 250-6270 today so we can start with the installation right away! If you’re looking for a fence installer, painting contractor, or roofing repair expert, don’t hesitate to call us as well.